Tips for Maintenance Natural Rattan Furniture

Tips for Maintenance Natural Rattan Furniture

Welcome to Cipta Rattan, we are exporters of natural rattan furniture. Our focus is on natural rattan production and manufacture

If you have rattan furniture such as rattan chairs, tables or the products of rattan, you should know about the tips to maintenance the rattan. As we know the natural rattan has authentic colour which fades easily if there is a contact with the sun or water directly. To keep your rattan colour still good, we have to do the regular maintenance:

  1. Keep away from water

Avoid your rattan furniture from water contact directly, because the characteristics of natural rattan is can absorb the water easily.

  1. Avoid from the sun contact directly

It is better to avoid your rattan furniture from the sun contact directly. Because it will make your rattan damaged easily and the colour can fades easily also.

  1. Clean with a toothbrush

You should use the toothbrush to clean the small parts of rattan furniture. So that your rattan can not damaged.

  1. Clean with Vacuum cleaner

For the big size of furniture, it will be easy to clean with vacuum cleaner. But you should pay attention also, adjust the pressure of tools, so its avoid your rattan damaged.

  1. Use Scissors

If there is rattan woven that is out of line, it would be better not to pull it by hand because it will attract other plaits. We recommend that you use scissors to cut only the part of the woven that is out of line.

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