Save The Earth with Environmentally Rattan Products

The earth condition which is getting old requires us as a human must have the awareness to always try to maintain and care the earth as a human’s home. Not aware of the role of earth, humans are selfish sometimes. Unconsciously, they are already using nature for their own business, even destroying it. Environmental pollution is often a problem caused by irresponsible human hands.

One of environmental pollution is caused by a large number of use of household products that are not environmentally friendly. The cause of environmental pollution can come from various sources. According to Conserve Energy Institution, the main source is from the Industrial sector. In the industrial sector, environmental pollution is caused by increasing the use of fossil fuels. In the 19th and 20th  centuries, coal has been used as fuel for machinery in place of human power. Eventually, it can cause air, soil, and water pollution as well. The use of environmental products has become an alternative solution that can be used by people to save the earth. That supports the nature of sustainability.

Rattan is one of the alternative products that can be used by people as an effort to save the earth. The nature of rattan with minimal maintenance, from the production to transportation makes rattan becomes an environmentally friendly material. In the production of rattan, there are not many negative impacts. So, that’s why rattan is called environmentally friendly material. Furthermore, the use of rattan products has exotic value, artistic value and prestige value for users because they have used environmentally friendly products. Indirectly, by using rattan products, we have taken part in caring for the earth as a place for living things to survive.

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