How to Keeping Rattan Furniture Always Beautiful

In order not to get damaged quickly and keep the color intact, you have to take care and clean rattan furniture regularly.

Rattan wood is one of the most popular building materials for furniture. To keep rattan furniture beautiful, we must know about the tips to keep the furniture in its beauty. Rattan furniture maintenance must be done regularly. Here are tips on caring for rattan furniture to keep it awake.

We all know that rattan is one of the traditional materials that gives a unique accent in the house. Apart from the traditional side, rattan furniture is relatively cheap compared to other home furnishings. Therefore, here will be described how to care for rattan furniture in order to remain in its originality.

1. Clean using a vacuum cleaner
As we know, rattan furniture has a woven structure filled with narrow gaps. These gaps are prone to become nests of dirt and dust that make the furniture look dull. To clean it, use a vacuum cleaner with a bristled tip. It should be noted that we must not press the surface of the furniture too hard so that the woven fabric does not come off or be scratched.

2. Clean using a toothbrush
To clean dust and dirt that is difficult to reach by a vacuum cleaner, you can also use an old toothbrush that has soft bristles and is still upright. The way to clean it is to simply wet the toothbrush bristles with water so that the dust contained in the gap sticks and is lifted.

3. Trim with Scissors
The care that we have to do for rattan furniture is by tidying it up regularly. The older it gets, the more rattan wicker fibers will come off and peel off. You should not pull out the fiber section as this will damage it. For that, use sharp scissors to cut the fibers starting from the base.

4. Wipe the Rattan Chair with detergent
For synthetic rattan furniture, sprinkle detergent powder or liquid dish soap on the furniture, spray the synthetic rattan furniture with water from the hose, rinse the rattan furniture thoroughly so that the remaining soap is washed away by the water. Meanwhile, for natural rattan furniture, use a cloth moistened with a detergent solution. Before wiping, make sure the cloth does not contain too much moisture, just wet and damp.

5. Dry the rattan chair completely
You can use the sun, a fan, or even a hairdryer to dry your washed furniture. Make sure the rattan chair furniture is completely dry, especially on natural rattan types because it has the potential to be exposed to mold if it is wet for too long. The use of a hairdryer itself is not suitable for synthetic rattan furniture. As for the natural one, use a hairdryer that has cold air blowing. If you use a hot one, the surface of the furniture may become scorched or burnt. How to care for this one rattan chair will maintain the flexibility of the chair and keep it from the risk of porous.

6. Get Rid of Termites from Rattan Chairs
After finishing with the dust and dirt cleaning process. The next step that needs to be done is to carry out maintenance. The first thing is to get rid of termites which can make natural rattan furniture porous quickly.
The method:
• Mix a solution of camphor and kerosene (one spoon of camphor: 200 milliliters of kerosene)
• Put it in a spray bottle, shake it
• Spray on the surface of the rattan furniture.

7. Refinishing Rattan Furniture and Chairs
In order for natural rattan furniture to maintain its color, it’s a good idea to re-finish it by coating it with wax or melamine. These two types of paint can give a new effect to faded rattan furniture. How to use is to spray paint over the entire surface of the furniture. Do this process at least once every four years so that rattan furniture always looks prime.

8. Avoid the Sun
Avoid placing natural or synthetic rattan furniture in a place that is exposed to direct sunlight because the color can be damaged. The same thing can happen if rattan furniture is placed in a damp room.

9. Keep away from water
In addition to sunlight, rattan chairs should also be kept away from water. For example, avoid storing this rattan furniture as a lounge chair by the pool. Rattan can quickly absorb water, and if left for a long time, will erode the wood material and make it porous quickly. Keep the chair in the shade, preferably indoors.

Those are the tips to keep your rattan furniture beautiful. If you want to know the latest tips, please follow our Instagram: @ciptarattan.

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