Match your minimalist home decor with rattan furniture!

Match your minimalist home decor with rattan furniture!

Long time ago, rattan furniture has been the central of world’s attention. It because the beauty of rattan is so authentic. In the hands of skilled craftsmen, the ordinary rattan can be made as unique and beautiful as possible.

In a minimalist home, natural rattan furniture has participated to make home luxiorous. Natural rattan is able to create a strong natural impression which is able to compete with wood material. It also has elastic and durable properties, so that various kinds of furniture can be created using natural rattan as raw material. Indonesia is the largest natural rattan producer and a source of rattan demand all of the world. Rattan popularity can be defeated as a substitute for wood. Many workarts are made from rattan, such as various kinds of baskets, wall hangings, flower vases, and so on.



The prices offered are varied. With cheap prices, you can get an expensive art. Natural rattan in Cirebon is very much. You can find out the product of rattan from small till big store. The sales of rattan continue to increase. The advantage of natural rattan is a material that is very easy to shape and economical, although natural rattan craftsmen still use simple tools to make it. So that the Cirebon rattan becomes an attraction for every tourist and make it a typical Cirebon souvenir.

The artistic value that is produced by rattan able to make art lovers proud of the work of Cirebon city rattan craftsmen. A minimalist home will also look special with a touch of natural atmosphere. Natural rattan is designed as cool as possible as a way to dominate the world market and become an excellent craft.

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