Natural Rattan

Natural Rattan

Actually, Rattan is a vine-growing plant of the Palmae family. The name rattan is come from the Malay language, namely “raut” which means to peel or smooth. A Natural Rattan has a unique colour, traditional, elegant, and artistic. The low price of rattan makes rattan become favorite products which loves by people. Less of knowledge about rattan makes people confused to choose what is the best rattan for furniture. Natural rattan has its own characteristics and advantages. The users that was choose natural rattan prioritize the originally of product. They are more focus in artistic value that Natural rattan have.

For produce the quality of product, there are the process of rattan production:

  • Selection of quality raw materials (Natural Rattan)

  • Pattern Making and Cutting

  • Weaving

These are the step of natural rattan production. Craftmen believe with keep the naturality of Natural Rattan will create furniture with high level of awareness of the environment, fostering a love of nature, caring for nature, and upholding the value of natural resources in Indonesia.

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