Natural Rattan is back as a Furniture Trend in 2020

Natural Rattan is back as a Furniture Trend in 2020

Rattan is one of the products of Indonesia’s natural wealth. Rattan grows in tropical forests such as tropical forests of Sumatra, Kalimantan, Java, Papua. Rattan grows well only in areas with tropical climates. On the other hand, there is the role of the Host Tree which keeps the rattan growing and not dying.

image: raw material

Rattan has many benefits. In furniture, Rattan is use for create the chairs, beds, baskets, and frames. The main reason for using rattan as a basic material for making handicrafts is rattan be a natural resource that maintains natural sustainability, environmentally friendly and does not interfere with other natural products in the forest (large trees and wood). Rattan will be harvested every 2 years. We should try to Imagine, What would happen if the wood is continuously harvested? The rattan will die and not grow again, the forest will not be preserved and the environment will be deforested. The risks posed are floods, landslides, and forest fires. Natural rattan generally has dry physique and skin. By buying natural rattan, you are similarly protecting the forest, such as natural wood products are still well preserved.

By using the environmentally friendly materials, we also participated to maintenance the forest, protecting the lives of forest animals, and then we can also maintain the stability income of rattan farmers. Nowadays, rattan is popular furniture and is back as a furniture trend in 2020 and for the future.

Environmentally friendly products will be found anywhere and anytime because they will always be products that consumers are interested in. So that, we better buy handicrafts made from natural rattan.

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