Tips for Maintenance Natural Rattan Furniture

Tips for Maintenance Natural Rattan Furniture

Welcome to Cipta Rattan, we are exporters of natural rattan furniture. Our focus is on natural rattan production and manufacture.

Having furniture made from natural rattan such as rattan chairs, rattan baskets to rattan beds, of course you will always carry out regular maintenance so that they are not damaged and the color does not fade easily. Even though natural rattan has a distinctive color, we still have to do regular maintenance to maintain the beauty of the color and the parts of the furniture are still intact, such as weaving and accessories.

Look at these some tips on caring for furniture made from natural rattan according to our version,

  1.  Keep away from water

Keep your furniture out of reach of water, because the nature of natural rattan which absorbs water will easily porous.

  1.  Avoid direct sunlight and excessive

It is better to avoid your rattan furniture from direct sunlight every day, because it will make the furniture easily damaged, the color will fade easily, and the absorption of rattan against heat will weaken the strong nature of natural rattan.

  1. Clean with a toothbrush

Toothbrush is needed to clean small parts of rattan furniture. You can use a new or used toothbrush. Wet the bristles of the toothbrush, then rub it on the dusty area.

If the squeeze toothbrush is still too big and does not achieve unclean results, you can use a small wire coated with damp cotton.

  1. Clean with a vacuum cleaner

For large or outermost parts of the furniture, it will be easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner. However, pay attention to the pressure on the tools so that the rattan webbing is well maintained and does not come loose.

  1. Use scissors

If there is rattan woven that is out of line, it would be better not to pull it by hand because it will attract other plaits. We recommend that you use scissors to cut only the part of the woven that is out of line.

  1. Use detergent

Prepare a cloth that has been tampered with with detergent, make sure the cloth is not too wet so as not to damage the rattan furniture, wipe the rattan furniture with a damp cloth earlier and dry it briefly.

  1. Dry the rattan chair

Rattan furniture must be ensured that it is not damp and must be dry so that it does not grow fungus on the rattan, can dry it in the sun for a while, a fan, hair dryer, or it can be in cold air.

Natural ratan is the most desirable product made from natural ingredients from Indonesia. Continue to preserve Indonesia’s natural wealth by buying furniture products from natural rattan. if you are interested in other rattan products you can access the website.

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