Natural Rattan

Natural Rattan

Actually, rattan is a kind of palmae plant that has a thorn cover its body. As we know Natural Rattan lives in Tropical Forest. A Natural Rattan has a unique colour, traditional, elegant, and artistic, cheap cost will be main interesting to some customer and it is the reason why natural rattan be a favorite goods in past time untill recent.

Minimal knowledge of the characteristics and advantages of each of these furniture products is sometimes the main cause of our confusion in making decisions. From each use of raw materials for the manufacture of Natural Rattan Furniture, it has its own characteristics & advantages which are generally adjusted to the needs or tastes of the wearer.

Natural Rattan Furniture, has regular users among those who prioritize the originality of a product. Generally, users of this furniture product come from groups who prioritize the artistic value contained in the combination of the process of using this natural material. Call it the “Spray” or “Washing” technique which is commonly used by natural rattan furniture craftsmen to produce a very classy coloring composition. So that the use of natural rattan furniture products is more dominated by people with a certain economic level as well as from foreigners such as Europe or American.

The production process that goes through to produce natural rattan furniture products is quite long, in order to produce a product that has its own advantages in its class, such as:

  • Selection of quality raw materials (Natural Rattan)

  • Pattern Making and Cutting

  • Weaving

These are the step of natural rattan production. Craftmen believe with keep the naturality of Natural Rattan will create furniture with high level of awareness of the environment, fostering a love of nature, caring for nature, and upholding the value of natural resources in Indonesia.

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